Clinical Hypnotherapy can be successful where perhaps other more conventional methods have failed to produce the desired results.


I treat a wide range of conditions including stress, anxiety/panic attacks and insomnia.

I provide treatment in relation to smoking cessation, weight control, pain management, pregnancy and  birth, IVF, depression, lack of confidence, blushing, phobias ( fear of flying, spiders, dentist and so on..) IBS, performance anxiety, nail biting, nerves in relation to public speaking, exams, driving test anxiety, interviews, wedding nerves, lack of confidence and general relaxation.

As part of your hypnosis sessions I will teach you self hypnosis and breathing techniques, which you can use daily to supplement treatment, and to help you to achieve your goals.

My approach is holistic, therefore I don’t focus solely on the presenting symptoms, but also take into consideration your lifestyle, personal history and any other possible contributing factors.

I also offer a COMPLIMENTARY HALF HOUR INTRODUCTORY SESSION, giving you the opportunity to meet me and to discuss hypnosis/treatment, without any obligation.

If you are unsure as to whether hypnosis can help you, then please contact me for further information via my contact page or call: 07743126794

My practice is based in Troon, Ayrshire.

Appointments are available during the day, evenings and Saturday mornings.


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