Hypnotherapy for Pain

Hypnotherapy for Pain Management


Pain is a signal to the brain that the body is hurting.
The function of pain as a warning or danger signal is very important.
However, once we KNOW the reason for the pain, or it has done it’s job of alerting us to the fact that there is a problem, continued pain is debilitating ….especially when it keeps us awake during the night and affects our daily lives.

The effects of hypnosis on pain are well documented, and hypnosis is increasingly being used to complement other methods of pain control.
It has been shown that hypnosis directly affects areas of the brain which are involved in our perception of suffering.
During hypnotic pain control, activity in this part of the brain is decreased.

A precondition to using hypnosis for pain control is understanding the cause of the pain, therefore knowing that it is safe to control it.


Prior to arranging hypnosis sessions for pain control, you will require consent from your gp.