Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy…….

Why do you smoke?

. Stress relief?

. Time out from a stressful situation, as a ‘coping technique’?

. To ‘fill the void’ in your day?

Smoking relieves all of these…doesn’t it?

IN FACT smoking actually stimulates the symptoms of stress, by increasing heart rate, raising blood pressure and releasing ‘stress’ hormones into the body.

So why the instant reward when you smoke?

It’s actually the ‘time out’ of a situation or the ‘distraction’ provided by the cigarette.

For example the ‘cigarette break’ at work, the ‘escape’ from a stressful/difficult situation or work routine which feels good.

The nicotine doesn’t do it, at best it badly affects your health.

So, why stop with hypnosis, what are the benefits?

. Positive suggestions given to your subconscious, make you feel calm relaxed and confident

. Difficult situations now feel a lot easier to cope with, and the need to smoke is no longer present

. You feel so pleased and proud of yourself

. You will notice benefits, as your health improves

. You can save all the money you spent on cigarettes, for something special, perhaps a holiday? new car? home improvements?

You do need to really be ready to stop (80 to 100% ready) and it must be for yourself, not for the benefit of anyone else.

The number of sessions required depends upon the duration and severity of any smoking habit.