Hypnotherapy for Weight Control

Hypnotherapy to help weight control

Hypnotherapy for Weight Control

Most of the time, losing weight is about taking control of our eating habits, exercising regularly and keeping the motivation going.

However, sometimes the above techniques just don’t work for some people, and that’s where hypnotherapy can be the answer…why?  because there can be a lot of emotional issues tied up with gaining excess weight.

We can turn to food when we feel sad, upset, alone and generally in need of comfort.

Food becomes a ‘coping mechanism’ which is very difficult to overcome through diet and exercise alone.

Fundamentally, the underlying issue or ‘root cause’ of the weight gain needs to addressed, through the use of gentle hypnosis techniques.

Using self-hypnosis and motivational techniques to effect change from within, changes your relationship to food, and how you generally feel about yourself.

This gradual change filters out into everyday life, helping you to feel so much better about yourself that you have no desire to overeat, and really WANT to take care of yourself again.