Tell me more about hypnosis…

Need to know more about hypnosis?
Here are some facts which might help you to understand what hypnosis is, and more importantly, what it is NOT!
. Everyone can be hypnotised, it’s a natural state…
. Even focusing on your ‘concern’ as to whether or not you can be hypnotised is a ‘focus of attention’ or a ‘hypnotic’ state!
. We actually hypnotise ourselves several times per day, when we are completely ‘absorbed’ in a task, in awe of something, shocked, surprised, enjoying a good novel, ‘lost’ in a movie, learning a new task or tucked up in bed dreaming….
. When we have problems, hypnosis plays a part in making them ‘stay put’, for example phobias. Hearing even the word ‘spider’, can be enough to set off that highly imaginative programmed association, and we shudder at the ‘thought’.
. Yes, we get what we focus on!
. The good news is, if it can be so powerful and effective ‘one way’, the opposite can be achieved too…
. Perhaps the idea of someone ‘formally’ hypnotising you for therapeutic purposes is a strange concept?. Maybe you imagine you won’t be able to ‘go under’. Well, first of all, you aren’t going ‘under’ at all. Hypnosis is not a state of being unconscious, in fact, you are more aware than ever, focusing on positive thoughts, outcomes and suggestions from the therapist.
. Of course, the correct approach is also very important. Any therapist who uses generic scripts for every client, is not going to be very successful. We are all individuals, and the skill lies in ‘tailoring’ techniques for each individual.
. Last but not least, hypnosis is not sleep. You may feel so relaxed, that you drift off for a short time, and that’s fine. Other people may feel they haven’t been hypnotised because they heard everything the therapist said, that’s fine too. Fundamentally, there are various ‘levels’ of hypnosis, and no level is less effective than the other..think back to the beginning of this blog, about the various natural states of hypnosis

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