Mrs J Bennet: Smoking cessation
I can’t believe how great my  session with Susan was,  following treatment to stop smoking,  I have not had a cigarette in 7 weeks, thanks Susan  …
Mr B Harris: General
Would highly recommend Susan, she has really helped me with my issues, can’t thank her enough
K. M. : childbirth
Hi Susan, I thought you would like to know baby*** arrived safely 3 weeks ago. I couldn’t have done it without your help, Thankyou. K.M.
J. Fryer: Dental phobia
Truly amazing..no problems at all today..thank you very much..J.Fryer
L.M. : Smoking cessation
I came to see you last year to stop smoking, and I haven’t had a cigarette since
Allison Brown: Smoking cessation
just wanted to say thank you so very much, I am, as of today, 12 months smoke free, and it’s due to your treatment. Thank you so much for helping me, and I will be spreading the word of your miracle treatment………after trying everything else on the market, it’s a miracle…thanks again
E.McInroy: Phobia
Just back from holiday…I had no problem with the moths that were around…I was quite happy to just ignore them………Before my sessions with you, I would have been quite anxious just knowing they were there….I had absolutely no problem with the many butterflies we saw, I almost wanted them to fly around me!…..Again, before treatment, I got quite anxious even with butterflies….thanks again for all your help
Anon: Confidence
Susan built me up from a person with very little confidence and self esteem, to helping me achieve the job of my dreams. I can’t thank Susan enough for the strength she continues to bring out in me
S.Clapperton: Smoking cessation
Thank you very much, I am still off cigarettes..thanks again
Anon: Interview
Susan. Many thanks for your help. Interview went well and I got the job
J. W. : Interview
My session with you did the trick! I had another great interview, and was offered the post. Thank you again for centering my focus and confidence….J W.
L. Muir: Flying phobia
No problems with flight..no alcohol… no pills.. no nothing 
A. Aiken: Flying phobia
Just wanted to say thank you, the flights out and home were trouble free, and almost enjoyable!. What a difference it made to the flights, and to our holiday. Thanks again, and I would recommend you to anyone who is considering treatment.  
Ms R Watts: General
Thanks so much for fixing my issue so quickly..
J. M.: Labrynthitis
Been feeling great, and very positive, no dizziness…thanks for your help..
Anon: Interview
I got the job!……they said it was the best interview they had seen…thank you so much
Anon: Comfort eating
I have no desire to eat chocolate any more…i cant believe how quickly this happened, after years of comfort eating..and I have already lost a few pounds!….thank you
A.Brown: Smoking cessation
Thank you so much, I am now 19 days nicotine free, and feeling great..I have had some drama too, and not reached for a cigarette at all..I am very very pleased
K.Low: Interview
Hi Susan I can not thank you enough! After two years of trying, I got my dream job! No words can express my gratitude x
A. Martin: Flying phobia
Susan I can’t thank you enough for your help in addressing my flying phobia it was taking over my life and work. Just returned from another flight and can honestly say I didn’t think about it until after I was home. Result! I’d recommend you to anyone, thanks again.
C. Campbell: Smoking Cessation
I had hypnotherapy with Susan at the end of March to help me stop smoking. I am happily still smoke free and the best thing is I’ve had no cravings thanks to Susan adding this into my hypnotherapy session. I have not replaced one bad habit with another. I have saved a lot of money and generally my health is already better. 2 weeks after my hypnotherapy session I found out I am pregnant so the timing couldn’t have been any better! I am now considering hypnotherapy with Susan to help with pain etc during the birth. Thank you so much Susan!