The power of thought…….

……….Over the years working as a therapist, I have always been aware of the power and great influence of our thoughts.

They affect our outlook on life, energy levels and our health.

It seems so simple..’think positive thoughts’…but it takes a bit of getting used to, especially when we have been ‘programmed’ to¬†expect the worst and to be self effacing……………..’habits CAN change’

Negative thoughts, such as ‘I’ll probably fail’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘this always happens to me’, etc., have such an impact on all aspects of our wellbeing, it’s worth focusing on changing them.

It’s not about being the world’s greatest optimist!, simply by beginning to recognise our negative thoughts, ‘stopping them in their tracks’, and challenging them, is a good start.

Keeping ourselves open to other possibilities is a step in the right direction, eg. ‘There is every possibility of a positive outcome’. ‘It’s worth a try’, ‘I have nothing to lose’ ‘I have the skills required,’ ‘I enjoy a challenge’…….in other words, there’s as much chance of a positive outcome, than a negative one………….

….worth a thought?



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